Linear and Time Invariant Systems

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Based on the book $\text{Signal Representation}$, it is described how to mathematically capture the influence of a filter on deterministic signals.

  • The book defines distortions and describes the Laplace transform for causal systems as well as the properties of electric leads.
  • The filter influence on a random signal is covered later in Chapter 5 of the book $\text{Theory of Stochastic Signals}$ .

The subject matter corresponds to a  $\text{lecture with two semester hours per week (SWS) and another SWS of exercises}$.

First of all, here is an overview of the contents based on the  $\text{four main chapters}$  with a total of  $\text{twelve individual chapters}$.


In addition to these theory pages, we also offer assignments and multimedia modules on this topic that could help clarify the subject matter:

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$(2)$    $\text{General notes on the Book}$   (authors,  other contributors,  materials as a starting point of the book,  list of references)