Theory of Stochastic Signals

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$\Rightarrow \hspace{0.5cm}\text{The translation of this book to English is in progress. The first  $3$  chapters are completed.}$

This third book of our learning tutorial deals in detail with stochastic signals and their modeling.

  • Knowledge of  $\text{stochastic signal theory}$  is an important prerequisite for understanding the following books, which focus on transmission aspects.
  • Knowledge of the first two  $\text{LNTwww}$ books, which include the representation of $\text{ deterministic signals}$  and the description of  $\text{LTI systems}$   ⇒   "linear and time-invariant systems"  is helpful for understanding this book,  but not required.

The course material corresponds to a  $\text{lecture with three semester hours per week (sh/w) and two sh/w exercises}$.

Here is a table of contents based on the  $\text{five main chapters}$  with a total of  $\text{28 individual chapters}$.


In addition to these theory pages, we also offer tasks and multimedia modules on this topic, which could help to clarify the teaching material:

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