Applets to "Linear and Time Invariant Systems"

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$\text{Applets - based on HTML 5 and Java Script}$: 

  1.   Attenuation of Copper Cables
  2.   Frequency & Impulse Responses  
  3.   Graphical Convolution
  4.   Linear Distortions of Periodic Signals

$\text{Some hints and tips about the HTML5/JS applets:}$ 

  • After selecting the desired applet, a Wiki description page appears with a short summary of the content and an user interface.  At the beginning and end of this description page there are links to the actual HTML5 applet.
  • The HTML5/JS applets can be rendered by many browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari, as well as smartphones and tablets.
  • The exercises and the solutions are integrated into the applet.

$\text{Applets - based on Shockwave Flash (SWF)}$;     $\text{Language: German}$: 

  1.   Kausale Systeme - Laplacetransformation   ⇒   "Causal systems - Laplace transform"
  2.   Phasenlaufzeit & Gruppenlaufzeit   ⇒   "Phase delay & group delay"
  3.   Zeitverhalten von Kupferkabeln   ⇒   "Time behavior of copper cables"

$\text{Some hints and tips about the SWF applets:}$ 

  • Our previous SWF applications were programmed for Adobe Flash.  Since the Flashplayer browser plugin is no longer supported for security reasons, these applets must be opened with the "projector version".  You do not need to install this program and it is not integrated into your browser, so there are no security concerns in that regard (as long as you trust LNTwww, of course).
  • On the wiki pages for the above SWF applets you can find the projector version of the flashplayer and of course the applet itself.  Unfortunately, these applets
    do not work on smartphones and tablets, the applet language is German, and the exercises integration is less comfortably than with the HTML5/JS applets.