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Below you will find the following information for each of the nine textbooks in our e-learning series:

  1. Number of main chapters,  of individual chapters,  of pages as well as the corresponding exercises.
  2. The scope of a comparable one-semester face-to-face course  $($e.g. "$\text{2L + 1E}$"   ⇒   two semester hours per week of lecture and one semester hour of exercises$)$.
  3. The dates of book creation,  revision and the last correction.
  4. The source materials with references for initial preparation,  separated into  "Lecture manuscripts of LNT/LÜT"  and  "Textbooks".
  5. The authors of the book as well as other involved peoples  $($colleagues,  external experts,  students$)$.

$\text{Book Selection:}$

        (1)  »Signal Representation«
        (2)  »Linear and Time Invariant Systems«
        (3)  »Theory of Stochastic Signals«
        (4)  »Information Theory«
        (5)  »Modulation Methods«
        (6)  »Digital Signal Transmission«
        (7)  »Mobile Communication«
        (8)  »Channel Coding«
        (9)  »Examples of Communication Systems«

$\text{General overview:}$

⇒   $9$  didactically and multimedia prepared textbooks including exercises with sample solutions, interactive applets, learning videos and extensive bibliography;
⇒   $40$  main chapter with  $175$  individual chapters  $($separate files$)$  and  $1345$  sections  $($pages$)$;
⇒   $638$  exercises with   $\approx 3100$  subtasks;
⇒   $\text{23L + 13E}$   ⇒   scope of a comparable one-semester face-to-face course:  $23$  semester hours per week  »lecture«  and  $13$  semester hours per week  »exercises«;
⇒   $30$  learning videos and  $29$  interactive applets,  based on  »HTML5/JavaScript«,  and about  $50$  of our previous applets,  based on  »Shock Wave Flash«.