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$\text{Here some notes on LNTwww}$

  1. For detailed information about our e–Learning tutorial,  please see the page  »About LNTwww«  –  a kind of „user guide”.
  2. On every LNTwww page,  there is a link to this file at the bottom  $($between »Privacy« and »Disclaimer«$)$.
  3. If you have difficulties with our terms,  the  »Glossary»  may help. 
  4. We consider this March 2023 version to be final;  no further revision or expansion is currently planned. 
  5. Therefore,  there will also be no English translations of the German-language learning videos and SWF applets in the future.
  6. But,  of course,  we will continue to improve identified errors regarding content,  presentation or handling in a timely manner. 
  7. Should you notice any such inadequacies,  then please send a detailed message by mail to  »«.
  8. At the bottom of this page you will find  »Notes about temporary restrictions«  as well as a  »List of bugs we have already detected,  but not yet fixed«. 
  9. It is our wish that there are only very few entries in these two sections and only for a short time.

Notes on temporary restrictions

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List of bugs we have already detected, but not yet fixed

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