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The Professorship »Line Transmission Technology«

The subject area  »Line Transmission Technology«  $\rm (LÜT)$  was established in 2004,  when the former LNT doctoral student  »Norbert Hanik«  returned to the TU Munich and was appointed as its head. 

In 2014,  this field became the  »Associate Professorship of Line Transmission Technology«.  More information can be found on the  »LÜT homepage«.

But already since the 1960s,  the Chair of Communications Engineering,  headed by Professor  »Hans Marko«,  had worked very intensively and also successfully in this field.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Hanik (at LNT from 1989-1995, at LÜT since 2004)

Norbert Hanik

Norbert Hanik was born in 1962 in the Bavarian town of Wemding in the Donau-Ries region and studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Technical University of Munich from 1983 onwards, specializing in communications engineering.  In 1995, he received his doctorate from Prof. Hans Marko at the LNT on "Nonlinear effects in optical signal transmission".  He then worked at the Technology Center of Deutsche Telekom AG in the field of optical transmission technology,  since 1999 as head of the research group "System Concepts of Photonic Networks ".  In 2002, he was a visiting professor at the COM Research Center of the Technical University of Denmark (TUD) in Copenhagen.

With effect from April 1, 2004, Norbert Hanik was appointed to the (current) professorship for "Line Transmission Technology" at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TUM.  He thus returned to his home chair after nine years in Berlin.  After the death of our chair holder Prof.  Ralf Kötter,  Norbert Hanik was appointed acting head of the LNT in Spring 2009.

His research focuses on modeling, simulation and optimization of components, subsystems and transmission links of optical transmission systems and optical networks.

$\text{Biography of Norbert Hanik on the LÜT homepage}$

His contributions to the LNTwww project:  

  • Professor Hanik has been very supportive of the development of our learning tutorial and he has always been an extremely competent technical advisor.
  • He was co-author on "Linear and Time-Invariant Systems" and on single chapters of "Digital Signal Transmission" and "Examples of Communication Systems".
  • In particular, the initiators of $\rm LNTwww$ would like to thank Norbert  for his early and versatile use of our learning tutorial in his lectures.

Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Göbel (at LÜT from 2004-2010)

Bernhard Göbel

Bernhard Göbel, born in Munich in 1978, finished his studies of electrical engineering and information technology at the Technical University of Munich in 2004 after semesters abroad in Southampton and Princeton with a diploma thesis on the investigation of genetic diseases using information theory.

From autumn 2004 until the end of 2010, Bernhard Göbel was an assistant to Prof.  Norbert Hanik  in the department of "Line Transmission Technology".  After a research stay at Bell Labs in New Jersey, he received his PhD in 2010 on the topic of "Information-theoretical properties of fiber-optic communication channels".  In addition to supervising courses, his other responsibilities included managing the CITPER project,  which was initiated by the European Union.

After completing his doctorate, Dr. Göbel moved to Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg,  where he began training as a patent attorney.  In 2014, he returned to Munich and is now working for BMW AG.

His contributions to the LNTwww project:  

  • Bernhard was always consulted by us when the authors realized that some things could be done better with "MATLAB" than without.
  • Furthermore, he was an expert advisor for several tutorial videos and interaction modules, for example "Attenuation of Copper Cables", "Time Response of Copper Cables" and "Viterbi Receivers".
  • We would also like to thank Bernhard for making our learning tutorial known to many students of the TU Munich as an exercise assistant for "Line Transmission Technology".

Dr.-Ing. Tasnád Kernetzky (at LÜT from 2014-2022)

Tasnád Kernetzky

Tasnád Kernetzky was born in 1987 in Marosvásárhely  (today: Târgu Mureș, Romania).  He studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Technical University of Munich from 2009 and graduated in 2014 with a master thesis on the transmission characteristics of  "Powerline Communication" (PLC) systems.

Since December 2014, he has been working as a Ph.D. student with Prof. Norbert Hanik in the professorship "Line Transmission Technology systems" – initially in cooperation with SIEMENS AG continued on the topic  "PLC".  The focus of his later work was on the simulation and optimization of the nonlinear optical process "four wave mixing" in multi-mode optical waveguides.  He completed his Ph.D. thesis with the topic  »Numerical Optimization of Ultra-Broadband Wavelength Conversion in Nonlinear Optical Waveguides«  in October 2023.

In teaching, Tasnád was responsible for the exercises for the lecture  "Fundamentals of Information Technology (LB)"  by Prof. Hanik.  Besides, he organized the  "Advanced Seminar Digital Communication Systems".

From 2016-2022, Tasnád had been involved in the system administrator of the chair computers.

His contributions to the LNTwww project:  

For many years Tasnád was intensively involved in the LNTwww team as a system/web administrator,  and is still one of the project leaders without whom nothing works:

  • In 2016, he took over as successor to  Markus Stinner  assisted the student team in porting the  "old LNTwww"  to the present wiki form (version 3).
  • He completed the pending move of the wiki to a new server in 2018, and also the associated update–work on the wiki.
  • He converted the learning videos to modern formats (mp4, ogv).  These can now be played by many browsers, but also by smartphones.
  • He was supervisor and contact person for all student work on porting the interactive applets to HTML5.
  • He has done essential preliminary work to be able to generate the English  »$\rm en.LNTwww.de$«  version from  »$\rm www.LNTwww.de$«  with reasonable effort.

Benedikt Leible, M.Sc. (at LÜT since 2017)

Tasnád Kernetzky

Benedikt Leible, born in Kempten in 1988, studied electrical engineering and information technology at the Technical University of Ulm (Bachelor) and at the Technical University of Stuttgart (Master) from 2010. He graduated in 2016 with a master's thesis on "Parallelization of Channel Decoders for 5G Communication Systems". 

Since February 2017, he is working as a PhD student with Prof. Norbert Hanik in the professorship "Line Transmission Technology".  His current work focuses on the topic "Fiber optic communication using nonlinear Fourier transform".  Furthermore, he is responsible for the supervision of the lecture "Physical Layer Methods" and also conducts the corresponding tutorial.

His contributions to the LNTwww project:  

  • He was supervisor of students who programmed interactive HTML5/JS applets for the LNTwww in their Bachelor Thesis/Engineering Practice.
  • From 2021, Benedikt led the conversion to the English version  "$\text{https://en.lntwww.de}$"  by the student translation team.