General notes about "Linear and Time Invariant Systems"

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Four main chapters with a total of twelve chapters (files);   90 Exercises   ⇒   Two semester hours per week (sh/w) lecture and one sh/w exercise
Development of the German version:   2002–2017.       Development of the English version:   2020/21.      Last corrections:   October 2021

  • Basic materials   ⇒   Lecture manuscripts of the LNT:  [Eich03][1];  [Han15][2];  [Söd12][3];  [Söd93][4];  textbook of their PhD supervisor:  [Mar94][5]
  • Participating students in chronological order:      Martin Winkler (2001), Yven Winter, Franz Kohl, Thorsten Kalweit, Markus Elsberger, Bettina Hirner, Ji Li, Thomas Großer, David Ginthör, Hussain Sandhu, David Jobst, Jimmy He, Xiaohan Liu, Carolin Mirschina, Deniz Can Özer, Ji Woo Hwang (2021)

$\text{List of sources:}$

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