Imprint for the book "Linear and Time Invariant Systems"

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Four main chapters with a total of 12 chapters (files) and 93 sections (pages);   90 Exercises   ⇒   Scope:  "$\rm 2L+1E$"
Development of the German version:   2002–2017.       Development of the English version:   2020/21.      Last corrections:   December 2022

  • Basic materials for the original German version:     Lecture notes of LNT/LÜT:  [Eich03][1][Han15][2][Söd12][3]   –  Textbooks:   [Söd93][4][Mar94][5][HM09][6]
  • Participating students in chronological order:      Martin Winkler  (2001),  Yven Winter,  Franz Kohl,  Thorsten Kalweit,  Markus Elsberger,  Bettina Hirner,  Ji Li,  Thomas Großer,  David Jobst,  Jimmy He,  Xiaohan Liu,  Carolin Mirschina,  Ji Woo Hwang  (2021)


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