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Welcome to the English version of LNTwww

$\text{}$  is an e-learning tutorial for Communications Engineering with nine didactic multimedia textbooks including exercises with solutions, learning videos, and interactive applets.  It is offered by the  Institute for Communications Engineering  $\rm (LNT)$  of the  Technical University of Munich  $\rm (TUM)$. 

⇒   It is freely accessible,  registration is not necessary and no system requirements are needed.

The German-language version   $\text{}$   ⇒   "$\rm L$erntutorial für $\rm N$achrichten$\rm T$echnik im $\rm w$orld $\rm w$ide $\rm w$eb"  was created between 2001 – 2021 by members of our Institute.  The toolbar entry  "Deutsch"  takes you to the German original.

In spring 2020, we started the English translation.  The interim status in spring 2022 is:

  • The following books are completed  (Book & Exercises):
  1.   "Signal Representation",
  2.   "Linear and Time-Invariant Systems",
  3.  "Theory of Stochastic Signals"
  4.   "Information Theory",
  5.   "Modulation Methods",
  6.  "Mobile Communications" 

  • The other three textbooks are in progress:
  1.   "Digital Signal Transmission",
  2.   "Channel_Coding",
  3.   "Examples of Communication Systems".

$\rm LNTwww$  is based on the management software  MediaWiki,  known by the encyclopedia "WIKIPEDIA".  In the following you can find a kind of  "User Manual"  about our e-learning tutorial.  Corresponding links to the file "About LNTwww" are provided at the bottom of each page between  Privacy policy  and  Disclaimers.

⇒   Since we have only translated parts of the German version so far,  there are still  some restrictions regarding the already finished books.  See list below.

List of current restrictions for the English version

  1.   Links in not yet translated books lead to the desired target, but still with German text.
  2.   The wiki description files of the applets are partly still in German.  The actual applets themselves are in English.
  3.   All included learning videos are in German.  Due to the large amount of changes, this will stay the same.
  4.   All variable names of the German version were taken over.  Otherwise countless equations would have had to be adapted.
       For example:  $s_{\rm TP}(t)$  designates the transmission signal in the equivalent low-pass range  (German: Tiefpass,  $\rm TP)$.

If you notice any deficiencies regarding content, presentation or handling, we would appreciate it if you let us know by e-mail at  "LNTwww (at)".

$\text{Have fun and good luck!}$   We would be pleased if we could arouse your interest in our  $\rm LNTwww$.  We wish you a good learning success.

Munich, March 2022           $\text{Gerhard Kramer}$   –   $\text{Javier Garcia Gomez}$   –   $\text{Benedikt Leible}$   –   $\text{Tasnád Kernetzky}$   –   $\text{Günter Söder}$