Signal Representation

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The book focuses on the mathematical description of typical signals in communications engineering, which can alternatively be in the time or frequency domain.

  • The spectral transformations which are exclusively applicable to causal signals and systems are not treated in this book
        (for example:  Laplace transform,  Z-transform,  Hilbert transform).
  • Here we refer to the book $\text{Linear and Time-Invariant Systems}$ .

The subject matter corresponds to a  $\text{lecture with two semester hours per week (SWS) and one additional SWS exercise}$.

Here is a table of contents based on the  $\text{five main chapters}$  with a total of  $\text{19 individual chapters}$.


In addition to these theory pages, we also offer tasks and multimedia modules on this topic, which could help to clarify the teaching material:

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