Digital Signal Transmission

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$\Rightarrow \hspace{0.5cm}\text{Only the first three chapters of this book have been translated so far.}$

The focus of this book is the  Calculation of the Error Probability,  which is the decisive quality feature for digital systems.

  • The description is mainly in baseband,  but most of the results can also be applied to digital carrier frequency systems.
  • In order to understand the five chapters of this book, a basic knowledge of  "Signal Representation"  and  "Stochastic Signal Theory"  is assumed,&nbsp which you can acquire e.g. with the help of the first and third books of this tutorial series.

The subject matter corresponds to a  $\text{lecture with three semester hours per week (sh/w) and two additional  sh/w  exercise}$.

Here is a table of contents based on the  $\text{five main chapters}$  with a total of  $\text{26 individual chapters}$.


Neben diesen Theorieseiten bieten wir auch Aufgaben und multimediale Module an, die zur Verdeutlichung des Lehrstoffes beitragen könnten:

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